Every Office Needs a Genius! That's You!

Many office teams are being asked to do more with less staff, people are wasting time and money using forms that simply don’t work.
The Form Genius helps companies create custom forms that help you get work done faster and save your company money in the process.

We want to turn you into a genius by helping you create brilliant forms!

Truth is, life is too short to be overworked and stressed at work!

What's At Stake?
• You and your teams are working much harder than they have to.
• Other organizations could be leaving you behind.
• You’ve said to yourself, “There has to be an easier and better way.”
• Now is the time to make the changes to make your life a little easier!

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One Form. Many Integrations!

Did you know that digital forms can connect to your company’s email marking system, your google docs, google sheets,
texting application, payment gateways (square and paypal) and so much more?

The days of forms just collecting information are over.
You are only bound to your imagination as to what modern forms can do for your company.

We can show you how!

  • Save time with highly optimized forms that do more than one thing
  • Save Time – Connect your forms to all the services that can automate your work –
    texting, emailing, google docs, online payments, scheduling appointments and much much more.
  • We’ll show you how to get the most out of your forms.
  • Take boring paper forms and turn them into forms anyone can use no matter the device or browser.
    Get rid of expensive software that creates headaches.
  • Generate more leads, create better follow up processes and close more deals
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If your form is only doing one thing, it's not very smart!

Time is your greatest resource. Get back to what's important.

Last year, we saved organizations well over $250K in form optimizations and restoring sanity to the office staff. What we know is, a happy administrative team makes for a happy organization.

So, let's get started today!

1. Make up your mind that there is a better way and your time is too valuable to be stressed.

2. Decide which path will work best for you. Will it be A’la Carte or will we develop your forms? Do you want us to train you?

3. Schedule your 15 minute call to let us know what option you are exploring and we can get started today!

If you are ready to move forward, fill out the form below to schedule a call!

Pricing Options

We serve schools and school districts, business offices, non-profit organizations, athletic departments, churches, b2b and b2c clients.

A'La Carte

$ $159.99 / Form
  • ✔ 1 Hosted Forms
  • ✔ Customized Embedded Forms
  • ✔ Hippa & Security Complaint
  • ✔ Fully Integrated

Yearly 25 Plan

$ 1250.00 / Year
  • ✔ 15 Hosted Forms
  • ✔ Embedded Forms
  • ✔ Hippa & Security Complaint
  • ✔ Fully Integrated

Retainer Plan

$ Custom / Year
  • ✔ Unlimited Hosted Forms
  • ✔ Embedded Forms
  • ✔ Hippa & Security Complaint
  • ✔ Fully Integrated

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